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The obesity rate in the United States is reaching epidemic proportions.  Experts in the medical profession predict that our current generation of children will be the first not to outlive their parents.  In Nassau County alone, the obesity rate for children under the age of 18 is approximately 20%.  This is a staggering number. 

Our mission at LEARN is to educate children, adolescents and adults how to eat, think and exercise the "LEARN Way"

LEARN is one of the first facilities on Long Island that combines exercise and nutrition for children.  However, we welcome all ages to LEARN the right mind-set when it comes to eating and exercising properly. With a highly educated staff including exercise physiologists and nutrition specialists, we provide our clientele with the tools necessary for weight loss.

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Success Story

Posted by admin on January 9, 2014

Just one example of how we've changed lives!

photo.JPG"L.E.A.R.N has been a life changing experience for Brianna and I.  The staff challenges one to levels he/she would not think they are capable of doing on their own.  The classes are fun, invigorating, challenging, and different each day.  Brianna's self-esteem, speed and love for exercising has sky rocketed! At age 9 she ran her first 5k with a big smile. L.E.A.R.N has given us a whole new attitude- "I can do anything and nothing is Impossible"!! Thank you Kristie and Staff!!!!"

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Here at LEARN we believe that fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Some of us may need more inspiration and so we will be providing inspirational stories, nutritional information, recipes and more. Maybe we can even share your story... Stay tuned for more!

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LEARN is a great environment filled with great people. You never have to feel overwhelmed and can operate at your own pace. What's really enticing is that all of your fellow classmates aren't judges, they are working just as hard as you are. It is a place where you can feel comfortable as you transform yourself into something better!